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Sims 2002
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Request Page

Send Me Your Request And Ill Put It On My Site And Ill Answer Back And See What I Can Do About It Cause Remember Without You There Is No Me.

Q: Can You Add Nude Skins To Your Skin Page?
A: If I Get Enough Atleast 3 Request Then I Will.

Q: You Should Have A Page Just For Screen Shots Off The Game.
A: I Don't Think I Need A Screen Shot Page But If Thats What The People Want Then Maybe Ill Put One Up.
Q: Why Dont You Put Up A Links Page, It'll Be Easier For Sim Fans To Go To Different Sites.
A: Im Thinking About Doing That, And If You Want Me To Link Your Site On My Page Ill Do It As Soon As I Get Your E-mail.

E-Mail Me Your Request Below.

Send Them Right Here